Redstone Presbytery's Mission Partnership with the Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church in Sudan

Westminster Presbyterian Church is a leader in Redstone Presbytery's Mission Partnership with the Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church in Sudan.  Our partners in Sudan are Christians who are deeply committed to living out the gospel of Jesus Christ, sharing hope and joy in the midst of the brokenness and harsh challenges in the world around them. 

Reflections on Sudan and South Sudan

Author:  Elder Dr. Dan Foster

As someone who has traveled to visit our church partners in Sudan twice in recent years, I can tell you that something special happened when we formed a partnership through Redstone Presbytery and the South Sudan/Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Churches.  We in America are wealthy, and South Sudan is among the poorest countries in the world as measured by life expectancy, maternal mortality, education level and annual income. The Sudanese have been through 50 years of almost non-stop war, and the peace of Christ is so badly needed.

Sharing visits to each others’ countries and churches, worshiping together, and developing lasting friendships have been the cornerstones of building a relationship in Christ.  We have witnessed that their “weakness” is not as we thought, because their tremendous strength is from Jesus and it is very evident.


When I think of Mission I think of engaging others, learning about them, praying with and for them, and appreciating our differences as we explore where the Holy Spirit leads us…. Together, we feed the hungry, clothe those without,  visit those in prison, and pray for release of prisoners as Jesus directs us to do.  I have found that we here in the church in the U.S. are the ones blessed and enriched by this Partnership, and this is indeed humbling. I encourage you to go deeper in your faith and explore this Ministry. 

The Humanitarian Crisis in Sudan and South Sudan has been widely recognized as the greatest humanitarian crisis of our time.  For Christians, this means we have a call to deeper discipleship.  Projects that Westminster Presbyterian Church is active in supporting include:  

  • Support of Women and Children's Health Clinic and Maternity Clinic
  • Scholarships at Nile Theological College and Gereif Bible School
  • Fruit trees for Kumo Bible School; tress grown by students and fruit shared with the local community in the Nuba Mountains.
  • Transportation for the pastors in isolated areas.
  • Fishing Project in South Sudan to provide relief food and livelihoods for the people in the war-torn areas
  • Financial support to bring Sudanese pastors and educators to visit us here in the United States and worship with us as news is shared. 
  • Well repairs in the Nuba Mountains  

We acknowledge that prayers are as important as "projects", and so we pray without ceasing for our brothers and sisters in Sudan.  A deep honor of our Partnership is knowing that we are praying for daily as well.  The Sudanese Christians have much to teach us about dedication, joy in worship, and Christian fortitude in the face of hardship.

It is a joy to worship in Sudan with them when travel is an option for us.