Our church would just be a building without the wonderful people that gather within it's walls and commune as one church family.  Together we're a mixture of all ages who worship together and minister as a team to create a warm-hearted and supportive community.   We strive to achieve a measurable difference through the missions we serve.  We would like to extend to you and your family an open invitation to come join us. 

Our Community

Our next membership classes will be after the New Year.

All are welcome to attend services and join in with the fellowship, worship, and mission activities of Westminster Presbyterian Church.  Church membership indicates that you are willing to make a commitment to the Lord through attending worship, participating in the life of the congregation, and presenting your gifts of time, talent, and financial offerings to the best of your ability.  People who commit to church membership find that their commitment is a springboard for spiritual growth, as the Holy Spirit honors the awakened love they show God.

The best way to become a member is to simply worship with us for a few weeks.  (We offer membership classes several times a year.)  If you feel at home at Westminster Presbyterian Church, and would like to become a member, please indicate this on the pew pad in the sanctuary, talk with our pastor, or contact the church office and leave a message with the secretary.