“Thy word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.”
— Psalm 119:105

Welcome to our Prayer Labyrinth.  Individual walking is welcome at any time, any day.  

Scripture encourages us to "pray constantly" and the labyrinth pathway is a good tool for helping us pray.  We might call praying while walking the prayer labyrinth, "prayer-in-motion." 

How do I use the prayer labyrinth? 

First, know that the labyrinth path is not a maze.  There are no dead ends and no ways to get lost!  The labyrinth is simply a winding pathway which leads to a central point. (We have a bench there for rest and meditation.) After you rest at the center, simply turn and walk back the way you came in. The labyrinth path begins at the "open-point" nearest the church building. 

What am I supposed to do? 

As a tool for prayer and meditation, there are no set rules. Some people like to begin their walk with simply focusing on breathing in and out and enjoying God's gift of creation in the sky, the trees, the wind, the birds, and the field around them. 

Other people like to say the Lord's Prayer as a guide for their time of conversation with God.  Others like to life the concerns of friends and loved ones for the Lord's care. Others may be helped by the "Prayer for a Labyrinth Walk" listed below. 

People in the Middle Ages used labyrinths traced on the floors of cathedrals as mini-pilgrimages: since the average person could not afford a trip to the Holy Land, many practicing walking the labyrinth path as a devotional exercise. 

Whether we actively pray, open our minds to passive meditation, or simply enjoy spending time in the presence of God, the labyrinth can help us give shape and discipline to our spiritual life.  Welcome!  

“Prayer is conversation with God”
— John Calvin